Stereo future x Babybabys event flyer design

Flyer design for the indie music event in Kobe, Japan (2009)

This event is going to be organised by Kobe (Japan) based indie bands.
I designed these images with inspiration from these line-up band's musics (pop and jazzy), and also the title: Great Escape Kobe gave me the idea of 'off to travel somewhere like the unknown world with curiosity' as music always brings us out new front.


Degree Show

5:1 LCC BA G.M.D course Degree show
at London College of Communication

I exhibited...
Forest anywhere -The Little Red Riding Hood in Isotypes (Transformer project)
'eks (Past Present Future project)
Patchwork of emotion (Self initiated project)

If you have visited the exhibition, I would like to say thank you for coming.


my boxes.

My boxes.
Illustration for a Japanese free paper
issue in July 2009.

The concept of the free paper is "looking at inside brain".
I drew these illustration from my obsession.
I feel something like sympathy for simple and inorganic things like dots, lines and box.
They are beautiful and living in the inside of my brain, and always give me inspiration.


Forest anywhere

Final major project 3:
The Little Red Riding Hood
outcome 2/Shooting in the kind of dangerous areas as the forest

The tale the Little Red Riding Hood has another aspects that is the warning of the wolf (=man) for girls.
I placed the isotype illustration on the wooden boards in the sort of dangerous areas in London, for instance SOHO, Camden Town, Kilburn, a park and on a night bus.
Through research of sexual offenses, most of occasions are committed by offenders who victims know (e.g. ex-boy friend or colleagues), and no where is safe except you beware even boys also become victims sometimes.
Anyone could be the wolf, anywhere could be the forest and anyone could be the Little Red Riding Hood.

The Little Red Riding Hood in isotype

Final major project 3: (Transformers)
The Little Red Riding Hood
outcome 1/isotype

This project is about transforming something (film,book,music etc.) into another format.
I chose the fairy tale The The Little Red Riding
Hood and transformed to isotype that is symbol
communication without words.
Because of fame of the tale, we do not need to
describe the story anymore and my idea is letting
audiences narrate by themselves through the