The third eye, the fourth eye, the fifth eye....

Camera which see the colourful world

I bought an old German camera when I was 18, and took pictures of funny moments.
Since I got the first camera, I bought several type of cameras. Toy cameras, a half-camera, polaroid camera and digital cameras.. each of them has character and the different colour, and this is printed on the picture itself.
I see interesting that the colour of air is different by cities. The image of night in London is Orange night light, Tokyo is greenish dark blue, and Spanish sky is smoky yellowish blue. I see this world is beautifully colourful.

Travel diary

Travel diary

I traveled around Europe for a month in 2005 and it was the first time to travel by myself.
I packed a empty sketch book and colour pencils in my backpack and kept a travel diary.
It was just for killing time as I was alone and had much enough time to keep it especially when I was waiting for a coach or train. I collect train tickets and museum tickets, flyers and receipts for collage and stick them with drawings on the pages.
This is much better than taking pictures as I started to observe things carefully, for example details of buildings or artworks in the museums.
Since then, i always bring the diary when I go for a travel and this became like my lifework.

My name is, 2

I did shooting of my typo work at home.
I made the typography with multi colour which is just filled randomly, and it became like showing my personality.
I just thought this is like my room.
I think your personal space (room, studio etc,.) reflects your personality and character like a mirror.
My room is full of my favourite things and it's obviously in multicolour as you see the pictures of the room.
Anyway it's cosy for me!


she is the primitive source of my creativity

I remember, that the little kitty was always beside me when I was a kid. She came to me as a dress-up doll for my 5th birthday, I remember my mum bought a T-shirts of her, my dad bought a small doll house of her when my family went to a family restaurant, and and and...
As a little child, I quite liked her simple face and primal colours, and she still gives me countless inspiration for my work especially when I think about colour combination and my design tendency---I love simple design. The memories of my childhood link to current life of mine, and the radical originality had made up when I met her.
I thank for her, and will love her forever!