The third eye, the fourth eye, the fifth eye....

Camera which see the colourful world

I bought an old German camera when I was 18, and took pictures of funny moments.
Since I got the first camera, I bought several type of cameras. Toy cameras, a half-camera, polaroid camera and digital cameras.. each of them has character and the different colour, and this is printed on the picture itself.
I see interesting that the colour of air is different by cities. The image of night in London is Orange night light, Tokyo is greenish dark blue, and Spanish sky is smoky yellowish blue. I see this world is beautifully colourful.


  1. These are nice!! I've got a holga camera too but haven't developed the pictures yet, I need to finish using the gilm..can't wait! But processing is expensive!

  2. yuri
    I knowwww films themselves are expensive, and the processing too!
    but you can enjoy the exciting feeling when you see the pictures back from processing!

    thanks! lets go to short photo trip after you get a camera!