i always amazed by their perfection. their colour, figure, beauty, accidental etc etc etc.


a year passed

A year passed from graduation of my uni.
it was so quick to come here this point, i still cannot believe with everything i have done in London.
Did i really hand-in the long 7,000 words of writing? Did i really make everything for final projects in the tight schedule?
Did i? Did i? DId i???
Now Im back in calm, and look back to my london life. I still feel like i was in dream, london is my wonderland.
that four years student life was unforgettable term in my life. never never and never.
and now let me look at my current situation.
am i doing what i wanted? am i create enough? am i still growing up?
different things from before i can say are, yes i got fat, i eat a lot, i have got many spots on my face, forgetting how to speak English, doing design stuffs as a job and fighting with technology everyday, and i don't think things seriously much. mmm are they all positive meaning to me?
let's look back a year later and ask me same question again. What will i reply to this?

night walk drawings

i love walking after work in dark, this early summer season is the best for that!
people's faces are happy on the streets and quite good for new shops or cafe discovery.
my office is in Aoyama, and usually i walk till Harajuku or sometimes Shinjuku if i feel like to walk for long.
My favourite area is Sendagaya and Shinjukugyoen, somehow i feel im in an ethnic town or passed period (60-70s!) when im around there. also love to have a short brake at a cafe with iced coffee and draw what i see through the journey.
I see many different faces of tokyo huge city by useing my eyes and foot!

tezukuri ichi, the hand craft market

js joined Tezukuri-ichi which is one of the biggest hand-craft market in tokyo and held in the site of old shrine!
First of all we need to go and worship at a main building of the shrine, it's the official rule of the market, so nice!
This time I sold pins made of pieces of wood with colourful animal motif stamps. I quite like the idea of this product and material.
It was nice to meet many people with different feedbacks, these always give me motivation for creativity.
love to have a stall at this sort of market very soon!


made numbers 0 to 9 by stamp with different shape each.
found that i can make patterns by them, will do experimentation later later. looking forward doing that!