Sounds of London

London Design Festival 2009 Poster competition

‘Working with graphic designers and typographers we aim to celebrate another aspect of design that is renowned in London. The poster is one of the oldest and still most powerful mediums that is used to communicate. It has been used to convey political, social and environmental messages. Posters help sell products, bands & ideas, events, in fact, every conceivable part of our society is still exposed to the poster

– Quote Domenic Lippa

The brief is to produce a poster celebrating London.


My idea for a poster comes from the image of London as one of the biggest international capital.
People comes from different countries and places, and use English for communication and it also make their identities by accent or pronunciation.
How do you hear 'LONDON' when Chinese people say the word? or Spanish? Italian?
The sounds is different, and people feel London in different ways in this big capital.


drawing and chatting at night with cup of tea

01: 灯り lights
02: うろ覚え vague memory
03: 髪飾り decorations

Last night, my friend visited me and we doodled with cups of tea.
I remember my childhood and always did drawing.