"a bunch of rapes"



Inspired from nature.

"snow dance"
the triangle shape is inspired from an icicle, and the colour selection is from feeling or atmosphere in winter time.
the air of winter time is chilly outside(=gray) but warm inside(=yellow), and also feeling melancholy(=purple).

"cocoons of silkworms"
white silkworms would make beautiful strings and be coloured sometimes.

"a change of leaves"
Leaves turn their colour green, yellow and brown. This colour combination seems like progress of live and death.


tree tree and tree

when i see the naked trees on the street in winter time, i just sometimes imagine drawing flowers on them in my mind.
and I just hope spring comes soon.


Pattern design

made some pattern design by stamps.


an old old sketchbook!

I found my old sketchbook from a storage!
Through reading it, I just remember the moment of drawing with enjoyment.
The choice,---Choosing colour and the objects or subjects that I draw---reflects my mind.
Art is always honest.

ah, yeah, my tendency for drawing hasn't been changed such much!



just drew fruits and painted in multi-colours.
just found the beauty of the circle shape from nature.