what is my designing style?

I have read through my blog and thought about my colour and tendency for designing...

*simple-line drawing, pictogram
*colourful but prefer to pick primal colours
*craft like, love handmade not only use computer work.
*story telling
*love to put hidden concepts behind works
*not really antique like much closer to modern?
*favourite fonts-century, century gothic, american typewriter

mmm will think about that deeply from now on.
However it's good to think these things for developing myself and potentiality.
Yes all humans are on the line of growth!


emerge exhibition

It's very late to report about this exhibition though...
anyway, i joined the first emerge exhibition in London Design Festival 2009.
I exhibited "emotional baggages" from my final major project in my university.
It was quite good experience to join such as well organised exhibition and I felt I was kind of a guest designer.
Hope I will have another chance to join London Design Festival. I will come back one day!


gooooooooood and bad bad bad bad....

Good type and Bad type (2008)

This project is designing Good type and Bad type.
My point of view of good type is...
should be simple, easy to deliver information to viewer, and playful/humorous. (As enjoyment is vital for our lives)
Bad type should have obscurity and disgust. Lack of communication is the worst thing for designing, i think.
While in designing, I focused on the sounds that the words themselves have.

I tried to make good type work with small enjoyment. When you open the folding paper little by littel, "good" part would be longer. it is like sound of "gooooooood" and it makes people feel better than bad.
My bad type work is full of bad logos. It's hard to look at for long time, and people would feel bad when they are surrounded by countless bad.
People would be positive and also negative by words, this is the magic of words have.


typography tells a story

Typography for Plugs PV

(see my typo works around 1:25)

This is collaboration works with Japanese motion graphic artist Shinpei Okumura, and I made typography works for London based indie band Plugs.
I quite like this work as I listen their music and make imagination from melody and lyrics.
We tried to make psychedelic image for PV as the band requested.



i made these for new years greeting.
In the chinese calender, this year's animal is a tiger and i made foot prints and pattern of tiger!


uniform for drug lovers




Uniform for drug lovers

2nd year college project: Emergency in Suburbia

Making a drug treading smoothly by T-shirts as uniforms which are parted by functions.
Uniforms become as icons and symbols as below;

Producer: Black/Opium flower print
Buyer: Red/Hand
Dealer: Blue/shoes on a wire


a white box with multi coloured memories

I have sort of obsession for box. (especially white one)
Most of rooms are square like a box, and my new room is also just like a box.
Lots of brown boxes with full of my belongings were carried into the box room, and now the big box is filled with small boxes. The white big box will be coloured by my daily belongings like painting.
What colour is your box?


small things make a big result

Recently I'm into making stamps by a rubber and chisels.
This time I made greeting cards to inform that I have moved to a new flat, this is sort of Japanese old custom to give these cards with new address to friends.
I quite love to make simple illustrations and also I can make an elaborate illustration by putting several stamps together. So..what can I make for next??


new discoveries

I got a new toy!
These pictures were taken by my iphone with a toy camera application.
It's really handy and playful, and storytelling. I quite love it.
Since I started to do shooting with it, I see this world carefully and found a new part of my everyday life. This is good for observation and also thinking of design theory (composition, lighting and colouring etc.).
I will update pieces of new discoveries here from now on!