gooooooooood and bad bad bad bad....

Good type and Bad type (2008)

This project is designing Good type and Bad type.
My point of view of good type is...
should be simple, easy to deliver information to viewer, and playful/humorous. (As enjoyment is vital for our lives)
Bad type should have obscurity and disgust. Lack of communication is the worst thing for designing, i think.
While in designing, I focused on the sounds that the words themselves have.

I tried to make good type work with small enjoyment. When you open the folding paper little by littel, "good" part would be longer. it is like sound of "gooooooood" and it makes people feel better than bad.
My bad type work is full of bad logos. It's hard to look at for long time, and people would feel bad when they are surrounded by countless bad.
People would be positive and also negative by words, this is the magic of words have.


  1. Are they all screenprinted? If so wow!
    I like the 'bad' type patterened fold out and colour combinations, it reminds me of 'Miffy'-the rabbit somehow.

  2. hey thanks for your comment+sorry for this late reply...
    i didn't know this!

    yes, i made them by silkscreen print, it was hard hard...
    haha i love miffy and she was also good friend of mine like kitty!