Join in the London Design Festival

Dear all,

I am joining emerge, the debut graphic design graduate showcase of the london design festival.
I will exhibit face bags work which is one of the final major projects in university.

Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Road,
London E1 6LA

19-27 September 2009
Open Daily 10am-6pm
Admission free


Also my poster will be exhibited at London Poster exhibition in V&A museum.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Sackler Centre
Cromwell Road

19 Sep-27Sep
Opening times:
10:00-17:45 daily
10:00-22:00 Friday

Free admission

If you have time, please come and see my work:-)


My name is,


When I look at myself, I feel I am made of countless materials. DNA, gene, other chemical elements, memories, emotion, favourite things,

talent, experiences, character, identity and etc,.

These each thing is vital to talk about who I am and what myself is, and they all elements have diffenrnt colour and shape that I made and painted in my life.

My name is Aki Makita, and I can write it as 牧田亜希 in chinese character. I made the typography for myself.

Alfavet is basicaly simple and symbol. Firstly, I made minimal typoface for my name, and painted out the empty spaces by multi colours. It became like mosaic art. I love it.

Through the process to make it, I felt it is just like our lives themselves. When we are born, we have nothing, we just have a name and sex and we were white. But as we walk in our own lives, we will see and experience many things and gain sense of values.

Then I would like to ask you, what is your colour?


I just think flowers must be gift from nature.
We can enjoy them with five senses. Smelling, feeling, enjoying their colour, shape and texture, even eating is possible!


PHOTO NEXT 2010 logo design conpetition

These logo design were designed for the photographic industrial exhibition "PHOTO NEXT 2010".
The exhibition is going to hold for the first time to promote and introduce film-based photograph equipments for develop and printing.

I chose CMY colours for the image to represent basis of the creation, and the layers of colour represent development as the layers make new another colours.
I placed the typo in random way, it also represents possibility and change as the future of photography have them and also the exhibition is on the starting line.


emotion of breeze

emotion of patchwork

Sometimes I feel weather would have emotion too as we human have.
The heavy rain seems like the sky is deeply sad and crying. Under the strong sunshine, I imagine the sky is super happy, etc.
I did shooting of my work in a park today, and there was continually small wind during the term. The cloth was swinging and dancing in the breeze. It seemed the wind shows its emotion by the waver.


S and Moon

I drew Moon, my flatmate while she was making typoface.
Kind of exchange the fields.
(She did illustlation and I was in typo course in the uni.)

then has she made the typoface for S?
let's have a check her blog :)