My name is,


When I look at myself, I feel I am made of countless materials. DNA, gene, other chemical elements, memories, emotion, favourite things,

talent, experiences, character, identity and etc,.

These each thing is vital to talk about who I am and what myself is, and they all elements have diffenrnt colour and shape that I made and painted in my life.

My name is Aki Makita, and I can write it as 牧田亜希 in chinese character. I made the typography for myself.

Alfavet is basicaly simple and symbol. Firstly, I made minimal typoface for my name, and painted out the empty spaces by multi colours. It became like mosaic art. I love it.

Through the process to make it, I felt it is just like our lives themselves. When we are born, we have nothing, we just have a name and sex and we were white. But as we walk in our own lives, we will see and experience many things and gain sense of values.

Then I would like to ask you, what is your colour?


  1. I love this work very much....GOOD JOB....