A long letter from my mind.

It's long time no post as I was in the busiest term ever in my life.

I lost my dearest father in this summer and had no motivation for my creative activity and just wanted to do nothing, nothing.. I took long holiday and flied to my second mother land England with some books which I had bought long time before but had no time to read all.
It was over three years past since graduation of my uni.
Something have changed but I still could find things which were exactly same I used to see. I met some friendly faces with still same perfect smile.

The pic is the view from my favourite place on this planet. From top of the hill, I can see whole of my favourite city and I just remembered every tiny memories.
The day I came to London at 18years old.
The day I had massive dinner with my almost family flatmates.
The day I had a tea at holborn with mate.
The day I The day I broke up with my ex.
The day I handed in the final major projects.
The day I decided to leave there.

I left from my parents when I was 18 and hadn't share much time and thoughts, that's so regrettable but I just feel massive thankful to them who gave me life and supported me to be myself.
I just thought such things on the hill.

My mother is also in the space with her love and actually I have no one to show my growth for my long life now. Honestly this is like walking in the dark way with no lights. But I should illuminate the pass by myself. I should be happy. I should make what I want to make.

Life is hard and long, but when I live as "me", my life will be more meaningful and special.
I should be main actress in my own life theatre, and you also should be.
This is what I got from final life time lesson from dad.


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