Final major project 2:
'eks (Past Present Future)

music by Masakatsu Takagi

Apple seeds pop up from a test tube and change their figures through the story.
A seed become a plant and a tree, and the three makes a fruit and a bird eats it. The bird makes an egg and people eat it...
Everything is linked to the next step/generation/future.
A seed is unknown quantity and no one knows its future.


I made an animation by using apple seeds to draw images for this project.
The reason why I chose apple seeds as the main concept is from the Newton's apple.
Newton found inspiration from a tiny point in everyday life and it connected to the great science development. A bird, a egg and us, we all are made of seeds and have possibilities but no one knows the future. We are in the stage of experiment like the seeds in the test tube.

I made the display of the test tubes and put the vital elements for the grows:
soil as space/water as food/matches as light/miniature dolls(man and woman) as love.

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