self initiated project 2: hello! bags (your belongings also do communication)

Project outcome 2:
Hello! Bags

In this stage, I made cotton bags with face icon prints as my suggestion for the new way of communication.

The Hello! Bag helps to show your emotion to others by face icons.

Two different faces are printed on both front and back side, and the owner of the bag can change the face as she/he feels something during conversation with someone.
If the owner feels happy in the dialogue, happy face ;-) will stay but if not, unhappy face :-( will come on the surface.

We all humans have many ways to express our feeling luckily. Face expressions, body languages, voice tones and showing attitude etc.
Humans have been developing their possibilities by making tools and also emotion, I believe.
The reason I chose a bag for the outcome is, a bag is a tool for keeping our belongings as identity, and it takes us out from inside. I think a bag is a key to connect outside. In the outside world, we meet people and having conversation. This flow is necessary and we learn lots of things from relationship, and it brings mutual understanding among people. Humans are simple but complicated.
I made the bag to help to make relationship smoothly in the complex communication.

*Perhaps, your belongings also might do communication, no one knows!

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